Interview | Peter Wuster

Peter Wuster
Peter Wuster

Peter Wuster, Vino e Viveri (Germania)

Which is the potentiality of the Italian wine in your market?

Is good, when we have a balance between Price and Quality

Could you tell me which is (are) the new popular wine(s) in your market? (Italian or not)

German Riesling

Which is the main sales channel in your Country?

For Quality wines Wineshops and Internet, lessprice Supermarket and Internet

How do you think the Italian producers could improve the perception of Italian wine in your market?

YES, better marketing and pricing, few areas to expansive for the Quality

What do you think about wine rating in the main guides. Could it helps to sell the wine?

Is important for the people but a good wineshop can sell also products with out rating. The people wich buy over the Internet looks in the Gambero Rosso and other books.

What about the wine knowledge of consumers in your market? Which is the trend?

Is good, the people looks for wines to drink every day, the pricerang is between 4 – 8 EUR, the price by the winemaker is minus 60%.

Which are the main mistakes of the Italian producers?

Other countries has also good wines to a good price.

Do you have any suggestions for new producers that aim to introduce their wines in your market?

Step by step, we can not buy a palett for the start, also with a strategie.

Which is the wine Country with the strongest growing trend in your market?

German wines, wich has also a good price politc.