Interview | Carolyn Teh

Carolyn Teh
Carolyn Teh

Carolyn Teh, Water&Wine (Singapore)

Which is the potentiality of the Italian wine in your market?

Prosecco, due to warm weather and not too pricy. – chianti, which more classic and lots of local learn about chianti when they 1st start drink italian red wine. – amarone, due to sweetness and more concentred.

Could you tell me which is/are the new popular wine(s) in your market? (Italian or not)

New Popular Italian – Chardonnay, Nero d’Avola, Pinot Blanco, Primitivo. New Popular non Italian – Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir.

Which is the main sales channel in your Country?

Chile, Australia and France and Italy.

How do you think the Italian producers could improve the perception of Italian wine in your market?

Easy access to website will help lots.

What do you think about wine rating in the main guides? Could it helps to sell the wine?

Yes, rating do help for non Italian Restaurant.

What about the wine knowledge of consumers in your market? Which is the trend?

Very new for Italian wine but is out coming market.

Which are the main mistakes of the Italian producers?

Poor in communicate of English.

Do you have any suggestions for new producers that aim to introduce their wines in your market?

Wine tasting, easy access web page and POS material support.

Which is the wine Country with the strongest growing trend in your market?

France, Australia, Chile and Italy.

Carolyn Teh, Water and Wine (S) Pte Ltd