Interview | Anna Norrgard

Anna Norrgard, Bel Mondo Wines (Finlandia)

Which is the potentiality of the Italian Wine in your market?

I see a great potential for Italian wines in Finland. People are more and more intrested in Italian wines since the italian cuisine has been known and loved here for a long time. People also like the italian style, with the Very fruity grape varieties and dark berry flavors and they really compliment the scandinavian cuisine as well.

Could you tell me which is/are the new popular wine(s) in your market? (italian and not)

In the monopoly the bag-in-box wines and the most polupar ones, no matter where they are from because of the affordable price. Chilean wines have been populär here for a long time. But due to their heaviness people are starting to lena towards more sophisticated and elegant wines such as the italian and french. (a very big generalization is made by me when stating this.)

Which is the main sales channel in your Country?

The Finnish monopoly, Alko. But the Horeca sales also have a quite large own business marginal on their own.

How do you think the Italian producers could improve the perception of Italian wine in your market?

Mabe just by marketing and promoting. That is what has been made with for instance the chilean wines, and ofcourse their price affect the general customer a lot. Telling their story behind the espressions of the wine is also important. Then the customers know what they are drinking and why, and how to enjoy it best.

What do you think about wine rating in the main guides? Could it helps to sell wine?

Yes, the monopoly has a few wine guides that i think have a big impact on the monopoly sales. And the bigger local wine magazines also have a impact, in my opinion.

What about the wine knowledge of consumers in your market? Which is the trend?

As I already mentioned i think the next trend is drinking more elegant wines. The knowledge starts to also be at a quite good level, especially among people who enjoy wine. Alko, the mnopoly also have very good educated sales people working in the stores. Then ofcourse because of the season we are very affect by the weather and a lot of people enjoy white, rose and spackling wines during the summer and more red wines during the winter.

Which are the main mistakes of the Italian producers?

I dont know if I can say any. A lack in English skills might sometimes be a proplem, because If you dont speek the same language it is horder to understand the story behind the producer and their products.

Do you have any suggestions for the new producers that aim to introduce their wines in your market?

Not really, or at least not more that stay motivated in what you do and promote your products in the way the deserve they need to be promoted. I is also good to attend events here and get contacts and stay active.

Which is the wine Country with the strongest growing trend in your market?

According to the monopoly and their sales statistisc, the biggest trends in general at the moment are Chile, Spain and Italy, both in red and white wines. But ofcourse that is only the monopoly and sales wise.