Interview | Altin Mulla

Altin Mulla, Napoleon wine & spirits Shop (Albania)

Which is the potentiality of the Italian Wine in your market?

There are many Italian Wine in Albania and there is a great potential to expand in the capital and in other cities.

Could you tell me which is/are the new popular wine(s) in your market? (italian and not)

The new popular wines are French and Spanish.

Which is the main sales channel in your Country?

The main channel is Horeca.

How do you think the Italian producers could improve the perception of Italian wine in your market?

To improve the perception in Albania you have to Make more wine dinner and wine tasting in cooperation with the Italian Embassy and other organizations.

What do you think about wine rating in the main guides? Could it helps to sell wine?

It helps, but still Albanians need to taste the product before buying it.

What about the wine knowledge of consumers in your market? Which is the trend?

They have medium knowledge for the wines. The trend is new names, big valorisatisation world wide.

Which are the main mistakes of the Italian producers?

There are no mistakes, but they don’t have the right marketing way to approach the market.

Do you have any suggestions for the new producers that aim to introduce their wines in your market?

They need budget.

Which is the wine Country with the strongest growing trend in your market?

The wine Country with the strongest growing trend is Spain.