On 25th May 2016 MIPAAF published the procedures for the presentation of 2016/2017 projects under Measure CMO Wine – Promotion on third-country markets.

The objective of the measure is to balance the wine market with the gradual introduction of positive, proactive measures to increase the competitiveness of EU wine producers, strenghten the reputation of European wines and win back market share in the rest of the world; provide the sector with a Community system based on simple, clear and effective rules to ensure the balance between supply and demand; preserve the best traditions of EU wine production and promote its social and environmental role in rural areas.

The funds are for professional organizations provided that they have among their aims the promotion of agricultural products; interbranch organizations; Consortium for the tutelage and their associations and federations; producers organizations; wine producers; public bodies with proven experience in the wine sector and the promotion of agricultural products; associations including ATI among the previous subjects; Consortium and Associations for purposes of food products promotions; Cooperative Societies created by wine producers; Corporate networks.

The actions can be implemented in one or more Third Countries and they must be in the field of public relations, promotion and advertising, information campaigns and participation in events, fairs and international exhibitions.

Finally, the projects may be national, regional or multiregional and may be presented for a minimum duration of one year and a maximum of three years.

The amount of support to rely on European funds is, at most, 50% of the expenses incurred to carry out promotional activities; the remaining percentage is paid by the beneficiary. For national projects, the minimum total amount for Third country/year shall not be less than € 50,000; if the project is for a single country, however, should not be less than € 100,000. For regional projects it is necessary to wait for instructions of individual regions, available soon.

Iron3 is ready to respond to all your requests and to help you throughout the study and implementation of the project.