Export wine, up and down

In the first quarter of the year negative sign back for the export volume but we had a positive sign  for the income (+10%) 2013 first quarter, in spite of great start on January, register a decrease in the export and we close the quarter with -2% in volume and +10% in value Bulk wine, […]

Wine Top Brands

Like every year, The Drink Business, draw up the top brand list and for this year we have a big surprise maybe not unexpected. In the unlimited wine brand world panorama we found several empire with incredible turnover but no one is European. First place in 2012, like 2011, for Gallo, brand of Gallo Family, […]

Which future for the wine?

Sopexa presented the result of Wine Trade Monitor analysis during Vinexpo. The report is about wine world trend with an interview to 1.400 wine professionals (12 Countries) whereof 3 of 4 was CEO or decision maker of the most important wineries and commercial food and beverage Companies. Based on Wine Trade Monitor research, during 2013 […]